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Welcome to TradePros help section. Here you can find answers to common questions that you might experience as you use the TradePros mobile app.

What is TradePros?

TradePros makes it easy to hire the perfect professional for your home improvements (repairs, installations and maintenance) through an app and web based platform.

Do I have to agree to Terms of Service?

By submitting a request to meet a Pro for your project, you agree to our Terms Of Service.

What if I've forgotten my password?

Click the “Forgot Password” option on the login screen. You will receive an email notification where you can opt to select a temporary password. Please select a new password in the “Profile” section of your main menu.

Our Professionals

TradePros only works with the best professionals so you get the best quality of work. We meticulously vet each and every sub-contractor and check their business credentials (see meaning below) as well as the quality of their previous work before partnering up with them.

Meaning of Credentials:

  • Liability Insurance: covers such situations as contractor-caused damage to your property, although it doesn't typically pay for repairing or replacing low quality work.
  • Business License: government bylaws require business owners hold a licence authorizing them to engage in or operate that business which provides related services.
  • WCB / Workers Compensation Board: is an injury and disability insurance system for workers and employers, paid for by their employers.

How do I create an account?

Users can create an account in under a minute. Simply choose that you are "Looking to Hire a Professional" and login with either Facebook or Email. On the TradePros website choose which type of service you'd like to request and answer a few simple questions about your job.

What kinds of services can I request on TradePros?

Nearly anything for your living spaces! From household to commercial and industrial we are continually expanding our offering. Common trades we cover include general contractors, electricians, plumbers, carpenters and much more.

Is it free to use TradePros?

Yes. It's absolutely free to get a quote! There is no obligation to accept it. For larger jobs we encourage you to schedule appointments if you’d like greater clarity about project scope and costs.

Submit A Project

How do I post a Job?

Simply answer a few questions about what you need done, snap some relevant pictures, and enter a location and we will send you a quote. All this without having to meet with anyone, make calls, or discuss jobs with overbearing salespeople. You get the best professional at a competitive price.

When will I receive responses?

We will typically send you a quote within a few hours if it is submitted before 8pm Monday-Saturday. Requests received on Sunday or after 8pm will be responses to the next business day.

What information do I have to give in my service request?

We ask for your phone number, email and location.

Do I have to upload photos and/or job details?

We strongly recommend both uploading photos and entering as many job details as possible that either reference the photos or explain more about what is needed for the job. We respond quicker and more accurately to jobs that have better information. So don't skimp on details, try and be as thorough as possible!

I have a "Status" on my job, what does this mean?

All job postings are subject to review by TradePros platform managers. The purpose of this is two-fold: (1) to show our Pros great jobs (2) to remove any non-compliant jobs that violate our terms of use. Don't worry we release new compliant jobs on a first come, first served basis typically within minutes. Here are the statuses that you might see on your job.
Tip: you can edit details by clicking on the job in the "Jobs" section of your dashboard.

  • Out for Estimate(s): your job has been released and is awaiting estimates from our Pros.
  • Hired: you have chosen a Pro to do your job.
  • Confirm Completion: when the Pro has marked the job as complete to start the review process. Please confirm the job has been completed and leave a review!
  • Completed: you have finished the review process of your chosen Pro.


I tried to schedule a meeting time with my preferred Pro and the timing isn't working for me, can I change this?

It's tough for the stars to align when it comes to two busy parties scheduling. Please discuss a potential meeting time with Pros over our in-app chat feature.

Can I send photos over chat?

Yes, we have a feature that enables you to send photos over chat. From time to time Pros may request more information about your job to provide more accurate estimates so please give as much information as possible.

Reviewing and Accepting Estimates

Can I meet with you before I decide to hire?

Yes. For larger jobs you can conveniently schedule an appointment with our project managers to discuss the job details and get an accurate quote. For smaller jobs we are more confident in our pricing and will give you an upfront quote!

How do I know the professionals on TradePros will do a good job?

TradePros only works with the best professionals so you get the best quality of work. We meticulously vet each and every sub-contractor and check their business credentials (see meaning below) as well as the quality of their previous work before partnering up with them. We guarantee the quality of the workmanship.

Ratings and Reviews

How do I write a review?

Make sure to leave a review of our service as this is what helps us thrive. If you have any other comments on a Pro please contact via email at here